Kissnypro FAQs

  • How long will it take to receive your order?

    Please see our Shipping Info & Return Policy may take up to Full 3~5 business days to arrive at your shipping location.
    For more information, please click here.

  • How can I see the process of my order status?

    Please go to “My Account” – “Order History” to see your order status.

    There are three steps of shipping process.
    1. Processing – your payment is completed and your order is waiting for being released to our warehouse.
    2. Packing – your order is released to our warehouse system and your order shipment will be prepared within 24 hours.
    3. Complete – Once your order has left our warehouse in NY, the order status will appear as “Complete.”

  • How can I track my shipment?

    Please go to the USPS tracking at Google Search or and enter your 22 tracking numbers.

  • What if I do not have my tracking number?
    Please check your SPAM/JUNK email box first. If you still cannot find it, please e-mail us with your order#
  • Can I return or exchange a product that was purchased at my local department store counter?
    At, we can accept returns and exchanges for products purchased on our website only. Products purchased at a local department store should be returned to the location of purchase.
  • Can I exchange a product purchased on before shipping process?

    The only way we could provide is cancelling your order before the shipment. After that, you could place an order online again.

  • How do I cancel an order?

    Once your order is paid completely, you cannot cancel or revise your order on our website.
    Please e-mail to find out your order is available for cancellation.

  • What is the return process?

    At your satisfaction is our guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the products purchased from, you may return the unused portion for exchange or refund (we’ll even pay for the return shipping fee).
    If you would like to return or exchange a product(s) purchased from, and enjoy free shipping on your return package, please follow the four easy steps below.

    First, you have to e-mail to get return label. 
    Second, print out invoice from kissnypro website/your e-mail 
    Third, put the item you want to return including the invoice 
    Forth, use the return label to ship your returning package.

    *returning items must be conserved as you received

  • Do you sell your products internationally?
    Kissnypro has not set up international shipment yet, but soon we will expand our business to ineternational.
  • Is usage of international credit card possible?
    The only way to make a payment internationally is using Paypal. We currently do not accept international credit card payments from other countries.
  • What should I do if shipment status is “completed,” but I never received it?

    Please contact USPS customer service by e-mail(USPS® Customer Service) or call: 1-800-275-8777 
    USPS Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8 AM – 8:30 PM ET, Saturday 8 AM – 6 PM ET. If you still have a problem with your shipment, please e-mail to

  • What do I do if my login/username/password is not working?

    Please click on “Forgot Password?” below sign in. you will be asked for your login e-mail address, and temporary password will be sent to your e-mail. 
    Still having a problem? Please contact

  • Why I was extra charged?
    Our base location of business is New York States. Therefore, we only take extra charge on tax part to the customers who live in New York States.
  • How do I qualify for free shipping?
    We offer a 3-5 business days free shipping if your order is over $25.00(excluding tax).
  • Why am I having trouble with my credit card information for my online order?

    If you keep failing credit card authorization, double check that the billing address on the credit card and matches your account billing address. 
    Our security of payment method is highly settled up, so billing address must be exactly matched to your bank account billing address. 
    If your payment is still not working, please contact to or contact your financial institution for further assistance.

  • I used PayPal to make my purchase. Can I exchange my order?
    Yes. If you would like to make an exchange, call us and we will provide you with options. Due to how PayPal is structured, we are unable to process exchanges directly with your PayPal account.